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    40+ Best Figma Templates, UI Kits + Wireframe Kits

    Figma is slowly becoming one of the most popular user interface design apps available today. With the ability to use the tool entirely online, it’s also an easily accessible tool for UI design collaboration and prototyping.

    Whether you’ve been using Figma to design mobile and desktop user interfaces or if you’re new to the app, you’ll find our Figma templates collection quite useful.

    In this post, we feature some of the best Figma templates for wireframing, mobile user interface designs, app designs, website designs, and much more. We’re also sharing our tips for getting started with Figma if you’re new to the app!

    With these templates, you can easily create wireframes and UI designs without having to spend hours crafting the small components and layouts. You can customize the templates to change colors and rearrange sections to make them your own as well.

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    Explore Figma Templates

    Take a look at our collection below and start downloading.

    Top Pick

    Cards - Multipurpose User Interface Kit for Figma

    This is a massive bundle of UI card layouts you can use to design various types of app interfaces. It includes designs for eCommerce apps, business, accounting, cryptocurrency, marketing, and much more.

    The UI kit comes with more than 70 unique card layouts and 50 useful eCommerce widgets. Each and every card design consists of organized layers for easily customizing them to your preference.

    Why This Is A Top Pick

    What makes this UI kit special is that it comes with multiple file formats. You can edit the templates using Figma as well as Sketch, Photoshop, Adobe XD, and InVision Studio. You can also download the dark version of this UI kit here.

    Business & Corporate Landing Page Figma Template

    If you’re working on a landing page design for a business or corporate brand, this Figma template will help you get a head start in your project. It features a complete landing page design featuring multiple sections. The template is fully customizable and comes in Adobe XD and Sketch formats too.

    Freelancer Job Mobile App UI Kits Template

    This Figma UI kit features 5 complete mobile screens you can use to craft a mobile app. It’s designed with freelancer job boards and job marketplaces in mind. If you have a client looking to make a freelance job board, grab this template kit to blow their minds with a mobile app design.

    Meeting Online Dashboard UI Kits Figma Template

    Online meetings and conferencing apps are quite popular these days. With this Figma template, you can design your own online meetings dashboard. It features all the UI elements you need to craft a modern and creative user interface for conferencing apps.

    Task Management Dashboard Figma Template

    Design a beautiful dashboard for a task management app using this Figma template. It comes with organized artboards and customizable elements. The template is available in both light and dark color themes as well.

    Dash - Free Figma Dashboard UI Template

    This is a free Figma template you can use to create a professional-looking dashboard UI layout. The template includes a feature-packed dashboard design that you can easily customize to your preference. You can use it for free with your personal and commercial projects.

    Minimalist Wireframe Kit Figma Templates

    Every great design starts with a wireframe layout. This is a complete bundle of Figma templates you can use to start your own designs the right way. It includes all the elements you’ll need to make website and landing page wireframes.

    Onboarding iOS UI Kit for Figma

    The onboarding process is one of the most important parts of mobile app design. With this Figma UI kit, you can design stylish user interfaces for your app onboarding steps with ease. The templates are made for iOS devices, including iPhone X, SE, and iPhone 11 series.

    Responsive Figma Landing Page Template

    This beautiful website landing page template kit is perfect for web designers. It will allow you to easily craft a unique website design using Figma without an effort. All of the elements in the template are customizable. It includes both desktop and mobile designs.

    Ecommerce - Android UI Kit for Figma

    Working on an app UI design for an eCommerce shop? Then this UI kit will help you design product page, shopping cart, store layouts, and much more. It includes 4 unique screen layouts in multiple file formats.

    Medical App Dashboard Light UI Kit

    This is a complete dashboard UI kit for designing various medical and health-related apps. It includes 38 unique screen designs as well as 50 different widgets. The templates feature simple and clean designs with easily customizable layouts.

    Elearning UI Kit - Free Figma Template

    This is a free UI kit featuring a large collection of templates. The bundle includes more than 38 page layouts in 4 different categories. It’s been designed for making eLearning websites.

    Atro - Free Mobile UI Kit for Figma

    Atro is a modern mobile UI kit that comes with 12 unique mobile screen templates. The free Figma templates are fully customizable and let you design various types of interfaces for mobile apps.

    Startup Landing Page Template With Illustrations

    Designing a beautiful landing page for a startup website will be much easier with this Figma template. Because it comes bundled with gorgeous illustrations that you can use in your design. It includes a complete landing page template and 10 matching illustrations in vector format.

    Membership & Sign In - Sign Up UI Kit

    Signup and sign-in screens are some of the most common screens that you have to design over and over again for almost every app. With this signup UI kit, you’ll be able to craft them more easily. This bundle includes multiple signup screen templates with different designs. And they are compatible with both Figma and Sketch.

    Project Management App Figma Template

    Looking for inspiration to design a project or task management app, then look no further. This template kit includes a complete app design for a project management app user interface. The templates are easily customizable and fully scalable. You can edit them using Figma or Sketch.

    Nuzie - Task Management Dashboard Figma Template

    Another task management app dashboard template. This one is designed for a desktop dashboard interface. Task management pages are quite common in most productivity and team management apps. So this template will definitely come in handy. It comes in Figma, Sketch, PSD, and Adobe XD file formats.

    Free Social Mobile App UI Kit for Figma

    This beautiful mobile app UI Kit is perfect for designing a social networking app or a photo-blogging community. The templates are easily customizable with Figma. And you can download and experiment with them for free.

    Merge Wireframing UI Kit for Figma

    Merge is a wireframing kit for Figma. Not just any wireframing kit, this one comes with a smooth and simple design that allows you to create beautiful designs without complications. The UI kit includes more than 180 different elements and components. As well as 36 example designs already crafted for your inspiration.

    Online School App Template for Figma & Sketch

    Whether you’re making an app for your school or creating an online membership platform to sell courses, this app template will help you find inspiration to design a beautiful user interface. It features multiple screen templates with completely customizable designs.

    Email App Dashboard UI Kit Figma Template

    This email app UI kit is actually a great template you can use to design an instant messaging system for an app. It’ll even work great for a team communication app as well. The template comes with lots of components and scalable vector elements you can use to craft your own dashboard designs as well.

    Neumorphism UI Kit for Figma

    Neumorphism is a quite popular trend in the design world these days. Even Apple has adopted this new trend to design its’ app and device interfaces. This is a UI kit made just for Figma that allows you to design user interfaces featuring the same design trend. It includes Sketch, Photoshop, and Figma file formats.

    Free Agency Website Figma Template

    Finding inspiration to design your next agency landing page won’t be difficult when you have this template with you. This free landing page template is designed with hiring agencies in mind. You can download it for free to experiment with the design.

    Android Menu UI Kit for Figma

    Another creative UI kit for Android apps. This kit includes 4 stylish templates with Android app menu designs. These are perfect for creating unique app experiences through your own projects.

    Online Store iOS UI Kit Figma Templates

    Use these modern eCommerce store UI templates to design a stylish shop layout for your online shopping apps. These templates are designed for the iOS platform and they are fully optimized for iPhone X and iPhone 11 as well.

    User Profiles iOS UI Kit Figma Templates

    Designing user profiles for mobile apps requires careful planning and optimization. But with this UI kit, you can instantly design a modern user profile layout without an effort. It includes 4 templates in multiple file formats.

    Dark Medical Dashboard - UI Kit for Figma

    Dark-themed user interfaces are quite popular these days. This UI kit also features an attractive dark color design and it’s available in multiple file formats as well. You can use it to design various medical app dashboards and interfaces.

    Desktop & Mobile Wireframe Web UI Kit

    A massive bundle of Figma templates for designing both mobile and desktop wireframes. This UI kit includes more than 360 unique blocks with fully customizable elements. It also comes in Sketch and Adobe XD versions as well.

    Football Website - Free UI Kit for Figma

    This is a big collection of UI templates for Figma. It comes with various layouts specifically made for football score and fantasy football websites. You can download it for free to experiment with Figma.

    Freyr - Free UI Kit for Figma

    Freyr is a beautiful free UI kit that comes with lots of unique elements you can use to create your own user interfaces for mobile and desktop. It’s completely free to use.

    Clean Responsive Business Landing Page Template

    Design a stylish and modern landing page for a business or agency using this unique Figma template. It comes with both desktop and mobile layouts for easily making a website layout for various businesses.

    Tripowa — Figma Tour and Travel Template

    Whether you need a landing page for your travel agency website or blog, Tripowa can come in very handy. It has a clean, and beautiful design that can be fully customized just how you like it, free fonts, and excellent customer support.

    WeDot - Wireframe UI Kit

    Check out WeDot, a wireframe kit featuring a massive library of over 170 layouts, helping you design any website in just a couple of minutes. Based on 12 column Bootstrap grid, the templates are fully responsive, and editable in Figma, Sketch, Illustrator, Adobe XD and Photoshop.

    Free E-Commerce App Template

    If you are looking for a Figma UI template as a foundation for your upcoming e-commerce store app design, this freebie is well worth checking out. It features a clean, and modern design that instantly commands attention, giving similar businesses a run for their money.

    Toomail - Email Newsletter Wireframe UI Kit

    Regardless of the type of email newsletter, you’re wanting to create, Toomail is a time and effort-saving wireframe UI kit that will help you produce emails without any hassle. An absolute favorite for designers, and marketers, Toomail is a product that will pay for itself many times over.

    Free Bank App Concept Template

    Wanting a well-thought-out Figma template for your banking app without having to spend a penny? Look no further than this freebie, providing you with a vibrant design that is sure to make an impression. We recommend you check it out right now!

    Statistics iOS UI Kit for Figma

    This iOS UI kit can be used to design statistics and report screens for many different types of mobile apps. The pack includes 6 unique iOS screen layouts with fully customizable designs.

    Feed iOS UI Kit Figma Templates

    Working on designing a feed page for a social or a news app? Then this UI kit will help. It includes 4 unique iOS screen templates for crafting stylish user feed pages. The templates are compatible with iPhone 11 as well.

    Walkthroughs iOS UI Kit Figma Templates

    You can use this UI kit to design modern walkthrough and onboarding pages for your eCommerce and social mobile apps. The UI kit comes with 6 different mobile screen designs for iOS.

    Travelo Android UI Kit for Figma

    Travelo is a unique Figma UI kit that features 4 stylish templates for making travel and transport-related apps. It includes easily editable templates that are optimized for the Android platform.

    Free UX Flowchart kit for Figma

    This is a free Figma template kit you can use to design unique user experience (UX) flow charts. The template includes lots of unique components and elements in 3 pre-made color schemes as well.

    Greyhound Flowcharts - Free Figma Template

    Another big Figma flowchart template kit you can use for free. This kit includes more than 200 flowchart card designs in 11 different categories. It comes in Figma and Sketch formats.

    5 Tips for Getting Started with Figma

    Figma is a new contender among the user interface editing tools. If you’re new to Figma, here are a few tips to help you get started.

    1. It’s Free!

    Figma is gaining popularity among UX and UI designers, especially because the software is free to use. The free plan allows you to use the software to create and manage up to 3 projects at a time with up to 2 editors. It even gives you unlimited cloud storage for free.

    Be sure to let your friends and colleagues know about Figma so that you can easily share and collaborate on projects in the future.

    2. Work Directly from the Browser

    Unlike Sketch, Figma is not a software limited to only one platform or operating system. Figma works directly on your browser. This means you can use it on any platform, including Windows, Mac, Chrome, and Linux. No need to download software and install it on every device you own. Another great opportunity for better collaboration.

    3. Collaborate with the Team

    Figma makes collaboration much easier, especially thanks to the ability to access the app on the cloud. You can easily share the projects you’re working on with your teammates and colleagues by sharing a link and collaborate with them in real-time without forcing them to buy or install any apps.

    4. Live Previews

    While Sketch comes with a very expensive mirroring app for mobile devices, Figma has a free mirror app for Android and iOS. Using this app you can easily view your user interface designs on your mobile to see how a live version looks like on a phone or tablet.

    5. Plenty of Templates

    Figma community is also growing rapidly. There are also a growing number of templates available for the app as well. With templates, you can make your design process simpler and easier. Be sure to use them to speed up your workflow.

    If you’re a fan of Sketch, check out our collection of the best Sketch iOS templates.

    हस्तियाँ अपने अंडरवियर में: तस्वीरें

    इन स्टार्स को अपने ढलने में कोई दिक्कत नहीं है

    मेरे मुवक्किल के पास “कोई गैर-घातक विकल्प नहीं था,” सिपाही के वकील ने कहा, जिसने पीठ में व्हीलचेयर से बंधे आदमी को गोली मार दी थी

    कभी-कभी हाई-प्रोफाइल मामले में कम से कम किसी तरह का सार्वजनिक बयान देना महत्वपूर्ण हो सकता है। लेकिन क्या आपने माना है...

    ये रूसी एकल कहाँ हैं?

    ये रूसी एकल कहाँ हैं?

    घबराए हुए सर्फर किनारे की ओर भागते हैं क्योंकि विशाल शार्क लहरों के माध्यम से उनका पीछा करती है

    एक शार्क के बड़े पृष्ठीय पंख को प्यूर्टो रिको में मिडल्स बीच, इसाबेला से एक लहर के शिखर के माध्यम से तोड़ते हुए...

    आयरलैंड में बच्चों के एनिमेशन के लिए लेखन का परिचय – एनिमेशन आयरलैंड

    बच्चों के एनिमेशन के लिए लेखन के बारे में जानने के लिए सभी पृष्ठभूमि के नए प्रवेशकों के लिए मुफ्त ऑनलाइन कार्यक्रम एनिमेशन आयरलैंड...

    मंच पर या अपतटीय, राहेल तोप हमेशा उत्कृष्टता का उदाहरण है

    यदि किसी को एक सुपरहीरो का वर्णन करने के लिए कहा जाता है, तो जो विवरण दिमाग में आते हैं उनमें साहस, ताकत,...

    प्रिंस हैरी ने अपनी दिवंगत मां राजकुमारी डायना की ओर से विश्व एड्स दिवस के लिए एक पत्र लिखा

    विश्व एड्स दिवस पर, प्रिंस हैरी अपनी दिवंगत मां राजकुमारी डायना की स्मृति को सम्मानित करते हुए इस कार्य को जारी रखा जो...

    पैतृक रेखाएँ: उयाकू को लौटें

    गंजिगा समुद्र तट पर सुबह मार्च 2020। मैं उइयाकू में सिर्फ एक सप्ताह से अधिक समय से था, लेकिन पहले से ही एक प्रकार...

    टुबी खजाने: देर रात रत्न (दिसंबर 2021)

    हल्के शब्दों में कहें तो 2021 एक दिलचस्प साल रहा है। अक्टूबर के टुबी ट्रेज़र्स की सफलता के साथ-साथ, पिछले ग्यारह महीनों...

    बर्लिंगटन पत्रिका – फोटोग्राफी – कला इतिहास समाचार

    बर्लिंगटन पत्रिका - फोटोग्राफी 1 दिसंबर 2021 चित्र: निजी संग्रह के माध्यम से। बर्लिंगटन पत्रिका एडम Busiakiewicz द्वारा पोस्ट किया गया: का दिसंबर संस्करण बर्लिंगटन...

    Uses of Turmeric and its Benefits for Skin and Health

    Exotic things fascinate us. And there is nothing more spectacular than the bright yellow hue of turmeric. It is a spice steeped...

    दिसंबर में नेटफ्लिक्स पर शीर्ष 10 नए परिवर्धन

    दिसंबर का मतलब अवार्ड्स सीज़न है इसलिए नेटफ्लिक्स बड़ी बंदूकें ला रहा है। उनके पास कुछ मूल फिल्में आ रही हैं, जिनमें...

    कुत्ते की शक्ति और विषाक्त चरवाहे से निपटने वाली फिल्में

    आखिरकार, इन शास्त्रीय पश्चिमी लोगों को मोटे तौर पर 1960 और 70 के दशक के मध्य से अधिक नैतिक रूप से अस्पष्ट और...

    डब्ल्यूएचओ के सदस्य राष्ट्र महामारी सम्मेलन या संधि पर बातचीत करने के लिए सहमत हैं

    "लेकिन आपने एक-दूसरे और दुनिया को साबित कर दिया है कि मतभेदों को दूर किया जा सकता है, और आम जमीन मिल सकती...


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